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 我們兆凱(About Previctry)

  兆凱電氣系統(Previctry Electric System)是國際領先的電氣元器件附件、網絡通訊、防雷安保及結構化布線系統制造商。在不斷提高産品性能以滿足各個領域中最新系統和應用要求的同時,不斷對行業發展趨勢和客戶的深層需求進行全面調查研究,其制定的生産标準處于全球領先地位,其廣泛的産品覆蓋面更全面地滿足客戶的需求,引領市場發展。

     Previctry Electric System is a leading international manufacturer on electrical appliances accessories, network communication, lightning protection security and structured cabling System. Constantly improve product performance to meet the requirements of the latest system and application in various fields , at the same time, we do a comprehensive investigation and study on the industry development trends and the  customers deep needs , the production standards making pioneered in the worldwide, the wide range of product coverage fully meet customer demands which lead the market development.

  發展曆程(Development history)

  1. 兆凱電氣始創于 1973 年,總部位于美國康涅狄格州費爾菲爾德市,是美國通用電氣公司(GE)最大部分電氣及安保附件設計制造的供應商。1979 年,随着通用電氣(GE)在消費電器、工業電器設備、軍方、宇宙航空仦表制造、噴氣飛機引航導航系統、多彈頭彈道導彈系統、雷達和宇宙飛行等領域的業務拓展,兆凱電氣産品也在諸多行業領域得到廣泛的應用與行業認同。

      1. Previctry was founded in 1973, located in the city of fairfield, Connecticut, is the biggest electrical and security accessories design and manufacture supplier for GE. In 1979, as the general electric (GE) development in consumer electronics, military, aerospace, instrumentation, industrial electrical equipment manufacturing, jet pilot navigation system, muti-warhead ballistic missile system, radar and space flight areas etc. Previctry electrical products also has been widely used in many industries and got good comments.

  220 世紀 80 年代末,美國電話電報公司 Bell 實驗室,在美國率先推出了 AT&T 結構化布線系統(SCS)。兆凱公司就與美國 NCR 計算機公司積極共同研發适用于環形令牌網絡的 150 歐姆的屏蔽傳輸産品。

       2 In the late 1980s, AT&T Bell laboratories launched AT&T structured cabling system (SCS) pioneered in the United States. PREVICTRY vigorously developed with NCR computer companies on block transmission products of 150 ohms which suitable for annular token network in the United States 

  390 年代末,大西洋貝爾與獨立電話公司 GTE 合并成立威瑞森(Verizon)公司。也随着 IEEE802.3ab 即 1000ABSE T 國際通信标準的頒布,作為與 GTE 公司長期保持産品部件合作的兆凱(Previctry System)公司率先于 2001 年初推出了滿足六類千兆傳輸的全球第一款模塊化嵌入式組合配線部件産品。 USA PREVICTRY ELECTRIC SYSTEM INC.

      3In the late 90s, bell Atlantic and independents GTE merged to bulid Verizon company.Also with releasing on international communication standards IEEE802.3 ab 1000 abse T, as long-term product components  cooperation with GTE company, Previctry System launched  the first modular embedded combination wiring components products globally which meets six types of gigabit transmission in early 2001.

  42008 年成功控股由美國威瑞森管理的位于台灣的 ADA 電氣工廠,重新改組兆凱公司亞太區業務,并負責北美、亞太及歐洲的 Previctry System 部分電氣關鍵部件制造及供應業務。

  4In 2008 successfully holding ADA electric factory managed by US verizon which located in Taiwan, reorganized the PREVICTRY  Asia Pacific business, and is responsible for Previctry System part of the electrical key components manufacturing and supply businessn in the North America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

  兆凱布線系統(Previctry Wiring System)

  兆凱®(PREVICTRY®) LANSurpassTM 綜合布線系統,首先表現為一種硬件系統,這種硬件系統是由 LANSurpass 系列銅纜、光纜等傳輸介質、連接器件以及應用網絡設備等構成的。LANSurpass 系列傳輸媒介和連接器件組成了信息的傳輸通道,這是兆凱®(PREVICTRY®)綜合布線系統的基本框架。

       PREVICTRY ® LANSurpassTM integrated wiring system, first as a hardware system, this hardware system is made up of LANSurpass series copper cable, fiber optic cable transmission medium, such as connecting device, and application of network equipment, etc.LANSurpass series transmission medium and the connection device is made up of a information transmission channel, this is PREVICTRY® basic framework of integrated wiring system.

  兆凱綜合布線系統(Previctry Premises wiring system)為兆凱電氣系統(Previctry Electric System)組成部分之一。向全球市場提供線纜及連接件全系列 LANSurpassTM 結構化布線系統的産品,包括非屏蔽(UTP)布線系統、屏蔽(FTP、SFTP、SSTP)布線系統、光纖(光電)布線系統、智能配線管理系統。

        Previctry Premises wiring system is one of the components on Previctry Electric system.To provide cable and fittings LANSurpassTM structured cabling system for all series of products  in the global market, including the screen (UTP) wiring system, shield (FTP, SFTP, SSTP) wiring system, optical fiber (photovoltaic) wiring system, smart wiring system.

  兆凱布線産品體系的組成(The composition of Previctry products system)    

       1. 超 5 類系列,6 類系列,6A 系列,7 類系列等銅纜布線産品;

  2. 1G、10G 單模(9/125μm)多模(62.5/125μm ;50/125μm)等光纖布線、光電系列網絡通信産品等;

  3. 線纜管理組件、鋁鎂合金型材機櫃等;

  4. E@channerl MPO/MTP 光纖預端接系統;

  5. E@channerl 電子配線系統。

        1.Super class 5 series, 6 class series, series of 6 a, 7 class series of copper wiring products;

        2.1G, 10G single mode (microns) 9/125 multimode (62.5/125 microns; 50/125 microns) fiber optic cabling,                        photoelectric series such as network communication products, etc.;

       3. Cable management components, aluminum magnesium alloy profile cabinets, etc.

  Previctry System 始終堅持為用戶提供高品質的産品、一體化解決方案和完善的服務原則,其産品獲得 

      EIA/TIA 568A 與 568B、UL、ETL、3P、ISO/IEC IS11801:2002 等标準認證。全部産品符合綠色環保

      RoHS 标準。6 類産品符合國際元器件級标準。同時,滿足以太網零誤碼整體系統傳輸要求。

      Previctry System always adhere to provide users with high-quality products, integrated solutions           and the improved service principle, its products get the certifications on EIA/TIA 568 a and 568 b,         UL, ETL, 3 p, ISO/IEC IS11801:2002.All products comply with RoHS green environmental standard .         6 products in accordance with international components standards.At the same time, they meet           the requirements of Ethernet transmission zero error integral system.

  在中國(In China)

  2009 年進入中國市場,其産品通過中國信息産業部的相關認證。為用戶提供 25 年以上系統保證。在政府、金融、電力、醫療、IDC 數據機房、科研院所、部隊、教育、商業地産、酒店等行業領域内得以廣泛的應用。

     We entered Chinese market In 2009, the products had been certified by Chinese information ministry .To provide users with more than 25 years system guarantee.and being widely applincated In the government, finance, electric power, medical, IDC data room, scientific research institutes, military, education, commercial real estate, hotel and other industries .